Who are we:

Cocktails International is a bunch of folks who gather once a year for a week of fun in the sun down in Jamaica, at Hedonism II. Our next trip will be July 13th - 20th 2019. We are a varied and quite diverse group. Our members come from all over, with many different occupations and personalities. The age range of our members tends to be 25 on up. Most of our members are looking for a week of social activities as well as being able to do things on their own. We are a group that wholeheartedly supports each couple/individual's choice to do what they want on their vacation.

Throughout Cocktails week we have scheduled events. Each event is optional but I must say the welcome party, and group dinner are well attended and the naughty gift exchange is always a highlight! While we formally get together (at Hedo 2) once a year, informally we've had group members meet for weekends, gather for luau's and basically crisscross the US to say hi to each other. I never thought that when we started with this group that we would form some really awesome friendships. I definitely consider some of the folks that I have met to be some of my closest friends - even if they live as far as 6000 miles away. We have had some members from as far away as Australia , Japan , Chile and England.

How to Get in Touch with Us

Use the form below for more information about Cocktails International, Hedonism 2, or to request to join.





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If you have any questions you can also contact us at our Forum: Cocktails International Forum
Feel free to post anything you want to know and someone from the group will answer. We promise.

Community Good Will

Every year we bring school supplies for the local school children. The above is a photo from one of the schools that received our supplies...

Membership to Cocktails International

Cocktails International Travel Group has no "special interests" required or expected for membership. This means we have some members that have specific expectations, wants, desires, and fantasies for their vacation. At the same time we have other members with very different expectations, wants, desires, and fantasies. We all go on this trip/vacation to have fun at Hedonism, whatever that means to each of us.

There is no group requirement to do anything you don't want to.

The most important thing we have learned from going on these trips is... What really makes these yearly trips the very best are the friendships that are made. Our members not only come from all over the world but from all walks of life. As a Cocktails International Member you will meet and get to know many different and interesting people.

So, if you want to join you should be prepared to...

Open your mind to the reality that there are many different people in this group,and they might have different ideas about how to enjoy their vacation.

If your are approached by someone to do something that you are uncomfortable with and you don't want to be part of your vacation.. respect their choice, make it clear that you are not interested, and move on with your vacation. And vice versa. If you approach someone to help you fulfill your vacation fantasy and they say they are not interested.. respect their choice, accept it, and move on with your vacation.

If we all treat each other with respect, and get to know each other, we can all have a great, Fun, Vacation.

Respect their choices and be true to your own.

If this sounds good to you and if you do decide you want to join us this July, we'd love to have you join our merry band.

We will need a couple things to get your membership started.

We will need to confirm that you are booked at Hedonism II during Cocktails week. Once you have booked just let us know and we will get an updated list from Cocktails Travel.

Sign up for an ID on our Forum: Click Here to enter the COCKTAILS Forum

Once we have confirmed your booking, we will give you access to the private area of the forum.

As a member we will connect you to all the other members going on the trip with us, so you can share your photos, vote in our polls, order group towels or hats (they are really cool), list your name for your group necklaces, get any new group updates and basically get to know everyone before you go! We have a weekly chat session and it helps to stop in on occasion so you can get to know the folks who are going with you.

Confirming your Booking

We work with in conjunction with a travel agency, Cocktails travel. Their website is http://www.cocktailstravel.com. You can contact them about rates, to book the resort in Jamaica. They are good people. Here is a link to book your trip with Cocktails 2016! where you can book the resort. When you book through Cocktails remember to let them know you are planning to be part of the Cocktails International Travel Group or the Freaky Family. This will ensure you get the group contract rates.