This is Elle's New and improved comprehensive packing list.
Some of these things may be a great reminder. Click to see the list

  • sun tan oil & Aloe Vera
  • aspirin
  • outfits for various nights
  • toothbrush/paste
  • shaving gear - his and hers
  • prescription drugs - pack in carry on
  • paint brushes - for body painting, the ones they have are never real good
  • large pool float & air pump
  • bug repellant
  • 2 naughty gifts for exchange
  • swim goggles, tennis rackets or other sport equipment
  • baby oil
  • camera w/extra memory card or film
  • CD player / MP3 player / headphones
  • Lubricant: we recommend one that is silicone based as the water based versions tend to wash off in the hot tub
  • Toys and batteries: batteries, aren't cheap down there
  • Bottle wine/champagne and hard liquor (the bring-in limit)
  • Book to read poolside: ours didn't get much reading however...hmmmm
  • Scissors, tweezers, razors, hair wax (for removing all that unwanted hair that grows back before you go home!)
  • Bandaids and antibiotic ointment: you will definitely get a scrape or two!
  • Bug spray: there are some nasty critters on the beach
  • CD's for the room CD player or to donate to the pool or Disco
  • Lysol Spray: some say it reduces the chance of getting sick from the a/c unit
  • Cotton neck lanyards for safe and room keys
  • Empty suitcase to fill with booze and coffee on the trip home
  • Extra Sunglasses: to replace our lost ones. Also we bought 15 pair at the dollar store and gave as tips to staff, bartenders!
  • Extra batteries: they cost a small fortune if you buy them there
  • Flag, sign or banner to hang on your door to make room I.D. easier for you and friends
  • Fresh, clean, cool cotton tee shirt for each day (washing and air drying in Jamaica does not work well)
  • Glow sticks
  • Large insulated mug with lid: the bigger the better! Get it FILLED at the bar, saves trips and watered down drinks!
  • Lomotil/Imodium AD - or something similar: if you need it you will be damn glad you have it, and it's not easily accessible in Hedo.
  • Dramimine: for airsickness, or prior to the catamaran cruise!
  • PJs or some other matching risque outfit or costume for pj night
  • MUST HAVE!!!! Passport and D/L with same name
  • Personal cards to give new friends with name and contact info
  • Small beach type bag: something to hold all your small shit that you will use during the day.
  • Water proof bags: several Ziplock bags in quart and gallon sizes for smokes, matches, etc.
  • Waterproof sun block: tan before you go, then take several SPF factors, 15 to 50.
  • Your medicine cabinet...never know what you'll need!
  • Cheap disposable rafts for floating in the ocean (write your name and departure date on them)
  • Cheap paint brushes and acrylic paints (or nail polish) for painting your rock! :)
  • Hat or a cap: to protect your poor bald head and face
  • Hair scrunchies
  • Soap, shampoo and conditioner (leave in conditioner helps with the pool water)
  • Plenty of $1 and $5 dollar bills for tips* ($20's if you plan to shop) But be sly when tipping as it isnt allowed and can get them fired!
  • Massage oils, body paints (although body paints in limited colors are provided for the beach games)
  • Photocopies of your passport(s) kept in separate places
  • Nice casual island wear and shoes/sandals for dinner in the restaurants, and clothing required areas.
  • Sarongs: for the ladies, several are nice to have, and very versatile as wraps, cover-ups. Highly recommend this for the ladies.
  • Slutwear for general wear around the 'clothing required' parts of the resort and for dressing up for the Disco!
  • Sandals: the paved walks around Hedo get AWFULLY HOT to bare feet!
  • Smokes: bring them from home if you want your own brand at cheaper prices. Brands are limited and expensive in Jamaica.
  • Squirt guns, inflatable toys for causing commotion at the pool; however, ducking Nerf balls in the pool is a pain in the ass. Who goes to Hedo to play ball anyway?!
  • Neck strings for your sunglasses.
  • Toga and safety pins and clips for toga night. The resort does provide free sheets the maids place in your room on the day of toga night, however many people get fancy and bring their own stuff from home.
  • Water shoes (put your name on them)
  • Waterproof Sharpie markers! A must have for labeling all of your stuff, i.e. Ziplocs, floats, thermal mugs, etc.
  • Woolite Detergent (for washing the rum cream out your delicate's in the bathroom sink)
  • Scotch tape: for taping up door sign window signs etc. Hard to find if you don't bring it.
  • Waterproof camera for use on the beach or catamaran. ALWAYS ask before including anyone in your pictures! This is a must in any nude area of the resort!

Or you can download the PDF by clicking here.

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1. Is Hedonism a wild sex orgy (like I've heard) all the time?

First of all, you should know that The Playboy Channel and Wild on E! are trying to sell you something. Some travel agents that suggest that you go to Hedonism because... "You will have tons of women dancing around by the pool naked and they will want to have sex with you." ... well they are trying to sell you something too. So, here is the deal. Hedonism is an all inclusive resort where you can have fun, whatever that means to you (as long as you are respectful of people who have a different idea of what "fun" is). It's not all about sex.
With that said, things do happen at Hedonism. Public Displays of Affection (PDA's... and I don't just mean smooching in plain view) can and do happen. While the hot tub and nude pool can be crazy at times, even on occasion during the day, most of the time the vibe is a playful and friendly one. People are usually catching rays chatting and getting to know each other and making friends. Generally (there are always exceptions) people who start a PDA, Before 10 PM find themselves receiving the unwanted attention of the security guards by the pool (AKA the sex police). The reminders are usually gentle and respectful.

2. Will people expect me to do things I don't want to do?

Hedo is about relaxing and having a good time. YOU dictate what that means to you- not anyone else. You could be approached to help fulfill someone's vacation fantasy. If approached, a simple no thank you will usually suffice (if you are not interested that is).

3. What kind of body types do you see on the nude side?

Imagine all the people you work with, without clothes on. You will see every body type you can imagine- all different sizes of pieces and parts too. The best description we know to give you a good idea is this: Go to any Wal-Mart in the USA, imagine every adult there naked. That is how wide ranging the body types are.

4. Am I going to be uncomfortable being naked in front of everyone?

This is also a very common concern. First know that the Resort has: the Nude side (You must be naked there/ and it's where the most People are), the Quad pool is optional (You can go with our without/ and it gets busy sometimes) and the Prude side (You must have clothing on there/ We see the fewest people hanging out there). So, you do not need to get naked if you don't want to, but when it comes to getting naked at Hedo...The advice most given is... take a deep breath drop the clothes and jump right in. Most people who hesitate getting naked regret not getting naked sooner. Once you realize that you look as great as everyone else does naked, and that you are not the sole center of attention- unless you try to be, the shyness wears off pretty quick. Plus, it's great to be able to go out to the pool with just a towel and your room key and not worry about anything else . Plus, when you get out of the pool... no wet bathing suit to deal with.

5. What if "Mini-Me" jumps to attention unintentionally while I'm around all those naked people?

Also, a very common question. You might be surprised but it's not a common occurrence. You would be surprised how free and UN-sexual the nude and quad pools can be. On the rare occasion that it does happen, people have been known to applaud, play ring toss, and/or just ignore it until the moment passes. If it happens to you and you are uncomfortable, don't be too self conscious about it. You can always just get in the water, or find a towel to cover the little guy.

6. Are the rooms nice?

Yes. They are not the Ritz, tile floors can be slippery, when wet. They are usually clean and comfortable. The roman style Jacuzzi tubs in the bathrooms and other furniture are nice touches.

7. If people "do things" in and around the Hot tub... do they clean and filter it regularly or is it like...
"egg drop soup"?

First of all- yuck. (But also a very common question) The hot tub is drained as needed. It is also filtered, and scrubbed clean daily. They also monitor and add pool chemicals as needed.

8. Are most folks cleaned shaved, partially shaved, or naturally furry (everywhere, even down there)?

Most are trimmed, but just like the range of body types, you will see each end of the hair spectrum.

9. Can a single guy have fun? A single female?

This depends on the single- those who are there to have a good time and participate in games and activities will have a blast. Those who come with over inflated expectations of a 24/7 orgy will probably be a little disappointed. The majority of people at the resort tend to be couples but we have had many single men and women in our group who have had wonderful vacations with us at Hedo.

10. How much tanning should I do before the trip -- to ensure my private areas don't get fried?

Some say LOTS! but only you know how you react to the sun, and the Caribbean sun in Jamaica can be pretty intense. Even if you can't squeeze pre-tanning into your pre-vacation schedule, be sure to pack plenty of SPF 45. Also, there are shady places all over the resort to get out of direct sunlight, if you are uber-sensitve.

11. If we are curious about experimenting with others, but have never done it before --How do we let others know?

Before the trip, if you become a member we will connect you, (via the internet) , to all the other members of the group. We have chat sessions regularly and we post information about ourselves, and get to know each other and our interests, before the trip. So, that is a good start. Once at the resort, relax and make friends, get to know people and maybe a vacation fantasy could happen for you. BUT!!!...and this is very important.... be honest with yourself and your mate before taking any kind of action that you may regret. LOTS of clear and frank discussion beforehand, during, and after can help prevent any DRAMA during the week. DRAMA = bad.

12. What about STD's -- aren't you just tempting fate?

You are responsible for your own choices. As a single person you took no chances (we hope), so why would you here? If you are going to play... bring protection.

13. What kind of clothes should I bring?

Theme nights will double what you pack. Talk to vets, and they will tell you that they always bring wayyyyyy too many clothes. For some of us, dress-up is half the fun. If that's you, go crazy, but remember to check your airlines baggage weight and size maximums.

14. Other than all the great sex I'll be getting -- what else is there to do there?

Eat, drink, be merry, for after the flight home you diet! Many spend all day in the pool or at the beach. There are rafts to lay out on, pool volleyball, waterslide, the bar, and all the amazing people there who want to get to know you! The resort has many things to do. To get an idea check out our "The Resort" page. Or, go to the Hedonism website where they list many activities and facilities.

15. What if I run into a co-worker? My boss? My boss' wife or husband? My next door neighbors? Their kids? My mom or dad? My kids? My sexy Aunt Louise?

Remember, if you see them there, then they are there too. Unless you called in sick for the week and then see your boss there, no worries.

16. How's the food?

Some would say drink enough and the food doesn't matter all that much. You will have many choices food wise. The nude pool grill and Prude Grille, both have been greatly improved, can really hit the spot during the day. For breakfast you are pretty much limited to the buffet- the omelet bar is not to be missed. For dinner, you can choose between the buffet- which which has improved over the years but can still be a little spotty at times; Martinos- Italian- usually very good; Harry-San- teppan-yaki (think Benihana) style Japanese. If you are planning to eat at these places they are now first come first served. With all these options, you will be sure to find something appetizing.

17. How's the booze?

Plentiful. Premium brand availability is a little iffy sometimes but you can generally find what you are looking for at one of the many bars. According to Paul (one of our members), a beer in the resorts plastic cups stays cold for only about 8 minutes on a hot day- so drink up! There are 2 beers on draft Red Stripe and Red Stripe Lite. Red Stripe is "the Number One Beer" of Jamaica. Mixed drinks can be made to order. There are many blended drinks to try. If you plan on going that route, remember your insulated mug- see our packing list.

18. I have heard the bus ride can be a little scary- is it true?

Well, yes and no. Depends on the company, where you sit, what kind of traffic you are used to and who brought a bottle to share. they drive on the left, and the rules of the road are ...well ... different than other places. However it is probably the best opportunity you will have to see the real Jamaican countryside. There is usually at least one rest stop on the way there and back where you can buy a cool beverage and snack if you want. Some members have been known to start the party en route- even at a connecting airport! Very often you will find yourself with other Cocktilians- providing a great icebreaker to the trip.

19. How prevalent is drug/ marijuana use at the resort? After all it is Jamaica.
(reading between the lines- how do I get my hands on some??????)

Marijuana is a part of the Rastafarian culture as well as the tourist culture on the island. So, odds are you will at least smell it once on the trip. Please be very careful should you choose to partake. On the other hand there have been couples who have simply been gifted baggies of really good stuff by others on their way out of the resort. You may see people smoking around the resort at all hours- it is not uncommon.

20. What is Island Time?

Island time is a mindset you should get into before you get on your first plane on the way to Jamaica. No worries mon. Just resign yourself to the probability that everything on the island will take a little longer. If things are not going as quickly as you would like, remember, you are on vacation. Part of the beauty of going with a big group is that if your room isn't ready on arrival, you will have plenty of other rooms to stow your luggage in so you can start the party. All things get taken care of, just remember the pace will be slower and more relaxed than you may be used to.

21. What if I get sick or have a health problem that needs to be addressed while I am at the resort?

The resort has a nurses station to deal with any minor scrapes, cuts, bruises, etc. If it is more than she can handle there is a doctor on call. The normal fee for having the doctor come to the resort is around $100, with any medications you may need being extra. There are hospitals/clinics on the island in case of a need for real emergency care, as well as an island ambulance service. People have been known to pack a pharmacy of medications they think they might need during the week, and it is a great idea to bring any medications you may have use for on a regular basis at home. Just because you are on vacation does not mean that your migraines take a week off as well. Remember- any medications you bring must be ones that are prescribed to YOU- no unlabelled pill bottles- customs hates that.

22. What's this I hear about school supplies?

Every year Cocktails members over-pack their suitcases with school supplies for local schools. The items are brought to one of the hosts rooms and then taken to the local schools by the staff of the resort. It is a great way to do something really nice for kids in an economically depressed area who would go without otherwise. To see more check out our "Doing Good" page.

23. Do you charge a registration fee?

As you can imagine, the activities and planning that go into a week for a large group is time consuming as well as expensive. As the group grew we originally needed to start a small fee to defray some of the costs. All of the money went towards items you will find in your welcome bag on arrival at the resort. The remainder went to printing costs, shipping costs, customs duties and other small expenses. The hosts decided to start Cocktails Travel that way any commission can go towards these items instead of charging the members. So No, aslong as you book with us membership is free.

24. Is a Passport required when traveling to Jamaica?

Most Definitely! You can send for a passport at you local post office. It will involve filling out forms, taking your passport photos, and including copies of the appropriate documentation to prove that you are a US resident. This process can take some time.So, apply now!!! Do not wait till the last minute!!! We believe, having a Passport is a good thing in general. If you want more detailed and up to date info about Passports just click on this link... U.S. Dept of State